Tsutsumi Inada
Tsutsumi Inada infobox 2
Character Status
Kanji Name 稲田 堤
Gender Female
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 1-A
Club Game Creation Club
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 4
Japanese Megumi Toyoguchi

Inada Tsutsumi is a first year student at Fujou High School she also Vice-President of Game Creation Club.


She is pervert girl, some times she can think in narrow situations, she seemed feel something to Oka Sakuragaoka but she prefers when Sakuragaoka crossdress as girl, she said that made ​​him look hot boy even it makes her nosebleeds. Inada also often teased her president club: Takao, by said things of erotic.


One day when Takao trying to raise her club, she along Sakuragaoka and Yamada then decided to join Game Creation Club.


Inada, Sakuragaoka, and Yamada joins Game Creation Club.

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