Takao infobox
Character Status
Kanji Name 高尾
Gender Female
Height and Weight 163 cm, 46 kg
Birthday 26 December
School Fujou High School
Class and Year 2-C
Club Game Creation Club
Relatives Takao's Mother (Mother)

Takao's Eldest Sister (Eldest Sister)
Takao's Second Sister (Older Sister)

Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 4
Japanese Shizuka Itou

Takao is a second year student at Fujou High School and the President of Game Creation Club.

Appearance Edit

She is a girl of average height, with chestnut hair and hazel eyes. Her long hair is tied with a braid and she always wears a red headband, but her most obvious feature are her large breasts.


She is a sweet girl, cheerful and caring, especially towards Kenji Kazama as she holds crush on him, but refuses to acknowledge those feelings in front of others. She sometimes can be dense and is completely oblivious on the fact that her breasts are attractive. She tends to be easily intimidated and prone to crying when scared. Despite her usual shyness, when she sees something precious to her being in danger (such as the phone strap that Kenji bought for her), she can be quite strong, something that surprises everyone present. She is usually the ordinary and the more levelheaded character in strange situations, usually retorting other people's behavior. However, she also can quickly get caught up in the moment and act just as wild.


Takao has always been an avid gamer who loves video games, so when entering highschool she joined the Game Creation Club of Fujou High School and befriended Roka Shibasaki. However because of Roka's unique behavior, the other members ignored her, making Chitose punish all those who ignored Roka by burying them alive, causing many of the members to leave the club one by one, out of fear.

Roka felt guilty about what happened and later she also left the club. With her club shattered, Takao had to rebuild it by gathering new members, and during her 2nd year, she became the President of the Game Creation Club. Now that she had found new members she planned to invite Roka to join back, but unfortunately Roka's had made a new club, this caused Takao to hate her and try to make that club disband.


After being defeated at the match against the Game Creation Club (Provisional) in the Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, Takao and her club later recognized Roka's club and they became friends again. Takao has been hanging out with Game Creation Club (Provisional) members, and her own club hardly sees her.


  • Takao's first name has still not been revealed.
  • Just like other characters' in D-Fragments series, their names are reference to railway stations in Japan. Her name is derived from Takao Station (Tokyo).
  • Her BWH sizes are 92-61-83 cm.
  • Takao made an cameo on The World God Only Knows (Kami nomi) season 2 at episode 5 as a heroine in Keima's galge. [1]
  • Apparently she not only inherited her mother's bust size, but also her abnormal strength.

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