Kazama Gang
Kazama Family infobox
Status Active
Leader Kenji Kazama
Date of formation Childhood
Location Fujou High School
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1

Kazama Gang or Kazama Faction (風間一派, Kazama Ippa) is one of the Delinquent gang at Fujou High School leaded by Kenji Kazama, although not many cruel deeds they have been labeled as one source trouble at school, they aim to rule the world. They have been formed the gang since childhood, in manga flashback, although their leader Kenji is known as weakest among others.


Kazama Gang AllianceEdit

Kazama Family Ally

The Allies of Kazama Gang.

After Kenji victory at tournaments game competitive for Roka's Bag, They got some ally members, in anime they appeared look against 14 Orchestra of Evils.

The members are known:


Former AlliesEdit


  • Ippa (派) it's meaning faction or fraction.

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