I Don't Entirely Matter
D-Fragments Chapter 4
Volume Volume 1
Adapted into Episode 2
Chapter 3 Chapter 5
List of Chapters

I Don't Entirely Matter is the fourth chapter of D-Frag! manga.

Summary Edit

Kenji dreamed when he was suspended with Ataru, they reasoned they were not peek but being against Chitose, he then met a group with dark robes and wearing masks and then surrounded him, threatened to beat them, they revealed their identity, stating comes from "Game Creation Club", Kenji assume that means they are same club with him, but instead they refuse, call Kenji's club is fake, and they are actually the "Real Game Creation Club", their president Takao, then asked Kenji for leave that fake club so they lack members and then disbanded, before the police came and arrested Yamada, with accusations are members of group with dark robes who disturbing the residents.

Characters AppearanceEdit

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