Fujou High School
Fujou High School 1
Kanji Fujō Gakuen
Romaji 浮上 学園
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1


Fujou High School (浮上 学園, Fujō Gakuen) is fictional school and the primary setting in D-Fragments series.

School Uniforms

Fujou's High has have an blue Blazer uniform. For the male tie from the first year to the third year there wasn't difference at all. For female uniforms there are differences in their tie, the first year student has have red tie, the second year has have powder blue tie, and for the third year has have violet tie.

Spot Lists at Fujou High School

All resident characters of Fujou High School contains


All Students from Fujou High School include:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year



All Teachers from Fujou High School include:


All Clubs from Fujou High School include:


All Delinquents Gang from Fujou High School include:

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