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D-Fragments anime series got 12 episodes animated and adaptation by Brain's Base aired from January 6, 2014 and finished aired at March 24, 2014.

List of D-Frag! EpisodesEdit

No Title Original air date
1 "Kazama Faction" January 7, 2014
2 "Curse You, Fake Game Creation Club!!" January 13, 2014
3 "Fujou Academy Freedom Festival, AKA FuF Festival" January 20, 2014
4 "They`re the 14 Orchestra of Evils!!" January 27, 2014
5 "What?! Your Little Sister Makes Your Lunches?!" February 3, 2014
6 "So That Means We're in a Love Triangle!" February 10, 2014
7 "That`s Dirty---!!" February 17, 2014
8 "I Liked The Pixels..." February 24, 2014
9 "That's Right. I'm His Little Sister." March 3, 2014
10 "Tama-senpai, Long Time No See" March 10, 2014
11 "I Have a Secret Move?" March 17, 2014
12 "At this Rate, You'll have Zero Friends for All Eternity!" March 24, 2014

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